Madhavan Iyengar

Hi! My name's Madhavan, I'm a rising senior at the University of Michigan studying Computer Science.

I previously worked at Amazon on Alexa Smart Home, and I am currently a TA for EECS 445 (Intro to Machine Learning). In my free time you'll catch me playing piano 🎹 or lifting weights 🏋️

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I'm interested in building generalist embodied agents by developing data-efficient learning methods. I'm currently advised by Prof. Joyce Chai and Prof. Nima Fazeli.

LLM-Grounder: Open-Vocabulary 3D Visual Grounding with Large Language Model as an Agent
Jianing Yang, Xuweiyi Chen, Shengyi Qian, Nikhil Madaan, Madhavan Iyengar, David F. Fouhey, Joyce Chai,
Preprint, 2023
project page / arXiv

We present the first method capable of localizing novel objects in 3D scenes using Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) and Large Language Models (LLMs) through iterative, natural language-based interactions.

Before discovering AI, I was interested in mathematical modeling of disease spread.

Front propagation in a spatial system of weakly interacting networks
Evgeniy Khain, Madhavan Iyengar
Physical Review E, 2023

We address the propagation of an epidemic through a metapopulation model, highlighting the impact of migration and node degree distribution on the spread.

Epidemic on a changing network: College outbreaks and vaccination
Madhavan Iyengar, Varun Nimmagadda, Evgeniy Khain
International Journal of Modern Physics C, 2022

We explore the dynamics of disease outbreaks on college campuses, modeling interactions between extroverts and introverts. We also examine vaccination strategies, considering prioritization based on risk or contact rates to mitigate an outbreak.